Small Business System – Your Strategy for Success

This proven system for small business owners like you, will ensure you have the key information you need for the decisions you make every day.

PLAN – Good planning is important whether you have been in business for awhile or are just starting out.  I will assist you to develop a budget of projected revenue and expenses, and to create a cash flow projection – the most powerful tool for any small business owner.  Additionally we will outline your most important target ratios and key performance indicators.

EXECUTE – You run the operation of your business and I will support you in the ways you choose and find most useful, such as handling payroll, doing invoicing, managing receivables, payables, and government returns and remittances.   Record keeping and reconciliations are kept current while checklists make it simple for you to deal with the paperwork and your time is kept free for running your business.

MEASURE – I consistently give you customized reports that let you be laser-focused on what you need to know most.  Based on fully reconciled, correctly done accounts, the communication from me is what makes your success system truly powerful.

RESPOND – Nothing is more powerful for you than the knowledge you now have.  Going forward you continue to make effective decisions and steer your business toward the results you have planned for.

You know….   What you need to know….   When you need to know it.




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